Law School Admissions

After having read thousands of law school applications as admissions officers, we know hundreds of the tricks of the trade that law school admissions committees are looking for. We will share with you these and other secrets we have learned from years of making admissions decisions, from working at elite law schools, and from knowing the insider's perspective to law school admissions.

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Public Speaking & Consulting

Are you looking for a free speaker to talk to your Pre-Law society or group of students about the law school admissions process? We have been featured speakers and panelists at more than fifty prestigious colleges including Princeton, Dartmouth, Davidson, Vanderbilt and many others.

Is your law school adapting to thrive in the rapidly changing legal education environment? Results matter and we can help you get them. We helped each law school we've worked with to move up in the U.S. News Rankings.

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Legal Employment

Where would you like to work? We have traveled around the nation meeting with hundreds of employers, including: NLJ 250 firms; solo, small and mid-sized firms; Fortune 500 corporations; government agencies; and public interest groups. We've helped students attain employment at the highest echelon organizations and have an extremely cost-conscious model to help you.

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Law School and Legal Career Assessment

We firmly believe that helping people achieve their dreams begins with understanding the choices in front of them. To this end, we want to put prospective students in a position to understand the many sides of an investment in law school. Between various rankings, extensive negative press, rosy marketing materials, and your uncle's premonitions, there's lots of confusing information about whether or where to attend law school.

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Spivey Fox

Spivey Consulting offers premier services for law school applicants and prospective students, current students and job seekers, and law schools. Years of experience in admissions, career services, and strategic initiatives at leading law schools combined with a highly individualized and client-centered approach have gained Spivey Consulting national recognition for delivering tangible value. We offer a different approach — one that is tailored and highly attentive to each client. Our commitment is for every client to gain a substantial advantage through our services and our track-record is unparalleled.